Yogurt and Papaya Soap #2

From my previous post “Yogurt and Papaya Soap #1”, I will continue Part 2 this morning but if I can’t finish, I will post more this evening.

Weigh the yogurt and freeze it in the refrigerator. At my shop, I don’t have one. What I did was I have ice under the bottom of the container to let the yogurt stays cool, so, it won’t burn easily.

Mix the yogurt and papaya juice together and add the lye when you still have ice under the bottom of your container. This is to prevent the yogurt change the color.

Pour the lye little by little and stir.

Weigh the oils and heat until the solid oil become liquid. I will talk about my recipe later.

When the oils cool down, add the lye water (papaya juice+yogurt+lye) and stir. I don’t really concern about the temperature this time. After you have been making soap for a while, you won’t care about temperature and the soap looks ok.

In the picture showing the mixture after adding the lye within 3-4 minutes. That’s why I’m telling you to have a very good FO. You don’t want to make your soap tracing faster than this. Problem will come 🙂

Add FO and stir until the mixture turns to medium or heavy trace. I like medium trace and I pour the mixure into the mold.

Wait until 48 hours and I will cut it. I will show you picture tomorrow. I made singha beer cake soap but didn’t take picture of it. I will show you picture later, too

Thank you for reading.